Help Us Reach Our Goal

Reach our goal

The cost of naming rights for the Children’s play, learn, and grow space at the Bay Village Library is $100,000

We are working in conjunction with the Cuyahoga County Public Library System (“CCPL”) and have been promised that every penny of the $100,000 that is donated in Sid’s name will go directly to the Bay Village Library branch. The CCPL is investing $7.5 million in capital to fund the construction of the new Bay Village Library. The CCPL will use the capital we raise, in order to name the space after Sid, to upgrade the children’s area with interactive displays and early literary skill-building features.


We believe that with the help of all of you we can raise the money and create a beautiful space to keep Sid’s memory alive. Any money we are able to raise beyond our set goal will be used towards creating a library program or providing specialty toys at the library for autistic or special needs children.

The Bay Village Library was a very special spot for Sid to go to with his mom and sister. Sid’s mom has wonderful memories of taking her children to the library and reading to them. We would love for Sid’s play, learn, and grow space to be a place where parents and children can create lifelong reading memories together.


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Dollars to Raise

How to Help

1. Donate Online: Click the 'Donate Now' button to be linked to our online donation form.
2. Send a check: Write a check out to "Sid's Play, Learn, and Grow Space" and mail it to: Attn: Sid's Space, 31003 Arlington Circle, Bay Village, OH 44140
3. Volunteer: Want to sponsor an event, help organize, or volunteer at an event?  Please contact us at